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UX review by Will – done
Moved privacy flyout to /flyouts folder - done
There was this flicker thing when you were viewing in the browser – fixed
The layout of the items when you were looking at the browser view was bad – fixed
There was no indication that the browser was loading – fixed
The snap view did not wrap quite right – fixed
Weather was in the wrong order – fixed
The size of the main title was wrong – fixed
The alignment of the group headers was wrong – fixed
The size of the group header text was wrong – fixed
The color of the semantic zoom spinners was wrong – fixed
The local privacy policy defaulted true – fixed
The snap view template should be shared with the browser view – fixed
Privacy Policy button text was hard coded – fixed
The opacity of list items was sometimes too much – fixed
There was an error in the Tile badge – fixed
Several naming inconsistencies – some fixed
Some IAP debug API made it to release – fixed
Serializable was defined as a local type instead of Framework type – fixed
SnapListView had some nullable scenarios – fixed
There was an invalid use of AsParallel() in VM2 – fixed
Internet warning string was hard coded in Hub.xaml.cs - fixed

Thanks to Bruno’s discovery!
Non-standard URL feeds (like popsci) are now supported – fixed
Non-standard URL feeds in the future that fail, will be graceful – new

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